• One AdServer for all your online campaigns

  • Full control over your online marketing efforts

  • SaaS model providing flexibility and independence

  • Effective placement management

  • DMP, DSP and SSP as one tool


One AdServer solution employing leading global technologies gives you full control over your internet marketing efforts. SaaS model guarantees security, flexibility, and independence of all external factors. Our platform will allow you to manage your Ad Network and your Publisher’s placements successfully. Clickonometrics AdServer is also a DMP, DSP and SSP. All in one tool that enables you to use global RTB inventory to buy or sell data required to profile your audience.


Maintain full control over your ads.

All your online marketing channels data in one Clickonometrics suite window.

Control your online ad expenditures. Optimize costs.

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Your affiliate network

Create your own affiliate network with a set of our personalized tools. Manage your publishers, add offers, control payouts and optimize ROI. We deliver the right technology for your business.

Your Ad Network

Manage your publisher’s inventory, effectively monetize their traffic, and leverage RTB technology. Clickonometrics integrates your network with world’s top RTB platforms.

Your DMP

Create your own campaigns using our powerful audience targeting. Segment your audience with your own criteria and maximize ad impact across your segments.

Your Ad Server

Complete technological solutions that give you management platform for all your online marketing channels. Optimize efficiency, deliver the best experience, and maximize sales. Give yourself access to a world of possibilities with direct access to Clickonometrics DSP and SSP.


Find your own way of advertising with Clickonometrics

Clickonometrics fuels your business with technology


Track statistics of all your marketing efforts in real time

Add and modify campaigns


Create sophisticated reports with just a few clicks

Grant user access to your clients

Monitor all your campaigns in just one window


Download publisher and finance information from publisher dashboard

Download, create and edit placement information

Download entire publishers and placements lists

Create, edit, link and unlink publishers to/from campaign

Ad Networks

Create new campaigns and creatives

Edit campaigns and creatives, download statistics

Edit your targeting criteria

Create trackers

Assigning campaigns to audience trees

Unlimited screening possibilities

Clickonometrics platform is suitable to display every creative and script. Thanks to our choice of asynchronous and synchronous snippets Clickonometrics platform meets every website’s requirements.

Online Ad Channels measurement

Clickonometrics ad server platform allows measurement of every online ad operation and data deduplication. Thanks to that you can focus all your statistics in one place and effectively control number of unique users who saw and clicked your ads. Thanks to extended reporting module, in-depth campaign results analysis gets easier.

RTB campaigns

Define your own RTB campaigns and monetize your integrated partners’ campaigns. No additional code required. All you have to do is tick one check box and set a minimum bid to start earning money.

Buying models

Clickonometrics platform allows you to screen campaigns in the following buying models:

- CPM (Cost Per Mille)

- CPC (Cost Per Click)

- CPuC (Cost Per Unique Click)

- successful click

- successful unique click

- CPL (Cost Per Lead)

- CPA (Cost Per Action)

- CPS (Cost Per Sale)

- Success fee (per cent of your sales)



Clickonometrics platform gives you access to powerful OpenRTB compliant API. This feature enables you to integrate with other AdServers, DMP platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CRM systems and any other system that is capable of communicating over API. Thanks to a powerful toolbox integrations are easy to implement and do not require hundreds of programming hours. Clickonometrics platform makes integration quick and easy.

  • Extend your territory

    Use every ad format: display, mobile, mail, InImage, vide, rich media, RTB, textAd.

    Run InImage campaigns and tag images

    Show even more with VAST 3.0 video technology. Thanks to our video script you will be able to display additional preroll spots in games and before the actual video player.

    Use asynchronous emission code that makes your websites and ads load more quickly.

  • Maximum Optimization

    Connect directly with Clickonometrics DSP and SSP.

    Create your own audience profile or use preexisting profiles available for your RTB campaigns.

    Unlimited actions whether you are a Publisher, Advertiser, User or Affiliate.

  • Full Control

    Generate and compare statistics with all your essential data and many additional indicators.

    Adapt the system to your needs. You can add new functions.

    Integrate with any system.

    Maintain control with intuitive dashboard.

  • Deep Analysis

    Generate preconfigured, standard reports with one of nearly 50 dimensions.

    Send reports at any time by email and attach data in .pdf or .csv files.

  • Clear Campaign easily

    Freely use any buying model available.

    Use hybrid models perfect for you performance campaigns.

  • Your Own DMP

    Segment users with your preferred conditions.

    Build your own trees;

    Precisely target your campaigns.

    Get in control whether you are a publisher, ad network, media house or end user.